What is it?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. But forget that because it doesn’t help. Just know that NLP is about finding ways to think, feel & do things better.

To use technology as a lovely metaphor – The hardware is this ball of clay that’s handed to us when we’re born, our brain. Now of course not all clay is the same, so each brain begins as a unique combination of strengths & weaknesses across a wide range of abilities.

But it’s the software that determines what kind of tool the clay gets shaped into.

In fairness, parents’ lives do suck. They have to do all the stuff they used to do, apart from also now, on top of that, there are these self-obsessed, crazy little creatures they have to bring up, & they act as if parents exist to serve them. On a busy day, in a bad mood, with 100 things to do, the Why game is a nightmare.

But it might be a nightmare worth enduring. A command or a lesson or a word of wisdom that comes without any insight into the steps of logic it was built upon is feeding a kid a fish instead of teaching them to reason & when that’s the way we’re brought up, we end up with a bucket of fish & no rod—a piece of installed software that we’ve learned how to use, but no ability to code anything ourselves. Blame the parents?

NLP is being able to understand how our brains & bodies work together to produce the ‘results’ we know as our ‘lives’… How the coding works for a human.

There are techniques you can run through that allow you to learn ‘how to be confident’ (etc) & thus ‘feel confident’ – so you can change bits of yourself or help others change themselves.

It’s a bit like following a recipe to make a cake, you follow the technique and produce results within you (or your chosen one)…

Sometimes this takes as long as it would to bake a cake but sometimes it might take a little longer. It has been suggested as long as 66 days, most say 21 but i think you will all identify with the ‘haven’t got a clue’ mind set that lets you procrastinate as well as the ephipany which can take one discussion once…

The ephipany structure we’re keen to notice is how to get someone from A to B quickest. Almost like they’d had a chip inserted in their head. Boom, knowledge.

Everyone works in different ways though, so it is important to understand everyone as unique, so obviously the same chip wouldn’t work in the same way for everyone… People are usually their own best advisor & it is possible to coach someone into advising themselves.