You think too much

This is purely subjective. If someone says this they basically mean “stop talking”. It’s massively rubbish to say it.


If I’m daydreaming & having fun who are you to make such a comment?


If I’m sad & working something out unconstructively, how does saying that help?

So really ‘over thinking’ isn’t a helpful thing to label so generally.

Overthinking is bad if it gets you nowhere & makes you feel awful. Only you can say if you are doing it, noone else should label this for you.

All this wouldn’t be a problem if people asked questions rather…

“Do you think about it too much?” & “What would stop you thinking about it so much?”

Obviously they may say no to the first question, in which case you should endure, like a good sounding board, if they say yes, ask the next question. Just like that you go from being viewed as annoying – to being viewed as nice. Plus you have now said something helpful.